Our Philosophy

The Seawall Company has decades of experience installing seawalls, boat lifts, and piers & docks in the area spanning northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. 

The Seawall Company is locally owned and operated by Ron Kruger, who has over 30 years of experience with marine contracting, specializing in seawalls, boat lifts, and piers & docks. 

Sensing a somewhat “old school” mentality in the seawall industry that he determined was resistant to change and complacent, Ron realized early on that if he combined professional service and quality with cutting edge equipment and materials he could rapidly grow his business by operating at a much higher level. 

Over the years, Ron has built strong relationships with some of the most respected names in the seawall supplier industry. As a result, Ron and his team have extensive knowledge and expertise regarding the handling and installation of next-generation seawall and other maritime contracting technologies. 

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